Beginner’s Guide To Anal Beads

Anyone might feel excited and thrilled when see anal beads for the first time. It is a very unique sex toy designed to fulfill only one purpose and that is eliminating your fear of anal play. Anal sex does not need to be a taboo. It has existed for many centuries and now people have better ways of enjoying it. As a first timer, you might have many questions about how to use anal beads and how your body might react to this unique sex toy. All your questions are answered in this beginner’s guide to anal beads

Choosing the right anal beads:

There are a few important things you must consider before buying anal beads, which are as follows:

  • Make sure you are buying a safe product:

As you know, many companies are producing anal beads. You will have many great and poor choices in this sex toy. What you should consider is your safety and the quality of the toy you want. Many companies produce cheap quality anal beads which are not safe to put inside your body. It may not cause a significant harm during the first use but it can be harmful if you use it time and again.  

The material used to build that sex toy should be safe and easy to clean. It should not be something that you cannot clean perfectly like rubber, jelly, or plastic because it will house numerous bacteria found in rectum. Choose silicone, steel, or glass made anal beads because these nonporous materials do not allow bacteria to sink in and hide within the beads. 

  • Is the size beginner-friendly?

Anal beads are in use for many decades. The design and construction quality of this sex toy improved with time. Today you get several amazing options in designs and shape of anal beads. You can go for a model with larger size beads if you already have used this sex toy before. Choosing a model with large size beads is not advised for the beginners because it may turn into a painful experience for you. Pick silicone made anal beads with small size beads in progressive order. It will make anal play more convenient and enjoyable for you. 

  • Is it flexible?

The internal curves of your body should not be affected by an object you put in to shave short-term pleasure. Your health matters a lot and it should not be compromised by a toy you are trying for the first time. Choose a flexible model of anal beads that can easily make its way through your anus’s internal structure. It should not be straight because that you may insert easily but you cannot put it further enough to enjoy your time. 

A flexible model of anal beads may require a gentle push during the insertion but it not affect your internal structure. It will bend when there are curves and it will allow you to enjoy longer by putting all the beads in with ease. 

Using anal beads:

Anal play is very different from vaginal play because you deal with a very delicate part of your body. Make sure you follow each step carefully to make it a safe session. 

  • Lubricate anal beads before you begin:

Lubes make anal play very comfortable and enjoyable for the users. You should buy an oil-based or silicone-based lubricant to use with anal beads. These are thicker lubes than water-based lubes. You get more cushion around the beads that makes anal play a very comfortable act for you. In addition, oil-based or silicone-based lubes last longer. 

The only thing you should beware of is not to use silicone-based lubes with silicone made beads and oil-based lubes with latex beads. Silicone made beads will easily absorb silicone-based lube and later it may hurt when you are pushing or pulling beads. Latex made beads can thoroughly absorb the oil and there will be no smoothness. So, avoid such mistakes. 

  • Start slowly:

You would not like to make it a painful experience at the first time. It may be a bit painful if you or your partner go rough and push harder to put beads in the anus. You should go slow and reveal how it feels when the lube touches your rectum. Put the smallest bead in and wait for a while to be comfortable. Move it slowly and then push it in. That’s how you will be comfortable during the ass play session with your anal beads. Going hard may result in a painful experience and you must avoid that. 

  • Push it further and further to get more pleasure:

There is no need to stop when first few beads are in. You have just initiated the movement and you should take it further beyond the sphincter muscles to feel the true pleasure. Of course, you should go slow and keep moving beads inwards and outwards, but do not get afraid of putting bigger size beads in. You will quickly get used to it and you would love to push it further to reveal the true pleasure of anal sex. That’s how you should play with anal beads, when alone or with your partner. 

Clean it when the play is over:

You have just spent some really erotic moments if you have stimulated anal play with anal beads. You might be feeling very excited now, but that does not mean you should throw away your anal sex toy. Wait for a while and then clean your sex toy. Cleaning it is very important if you do not want bacteria to spread around your room and cause health threats. A variety of sex toy cleaners are available. Choose an antibacterial cleaner that does not destroy the smoothness of sex toys. That’s how you can keep your sex toy safe and avoid problems during the anal play

Anal beads are much better than butt plugs, when it comes to stimulating anal play. Follow everything given in this guide and enjoy some very exciting and thrilling sessions of ass play with your toy.