Eldercare, Inc is a private non-profit agency organized to provide services to older Kansans. The agency
provides home care in Barton, Pawnee, Rush and Stafford counties. As of October 1, 1996, Eldercare
administers the Friendship Meals services in the 28 counties of Southwest Kansas.

43 centers are served throughout 14 central kitchens. The Garden City site is served by St. Catherine Hospital.
Offices for Eldercare, Inc. are located at 1819 11th, Great Bend, Kansas.
Full Cost of the Meal is $5.50
Suggested Contribution is $3.50

Persons under the age of 60 and who are not eligible for meals as the
spouse of a person over age 60 or handicapped adult children, must
pay the full cost of the meal. $5.50 is paid to the manager and a
receipt will be given.

Friendship Meals is subject to the Kansas Food Code and the Civil
Rights Act of 1964. Friendship Meals is an Equal Opportunity /
Affirmative Action Employer.

Besides promoting Better health and nutritional status, the program
provides opportunities for fellowship, activities, volunteer service,
access to information and other services offered by the Senior Center
of Finney County.

Eat where your friends eat...
For our current calendar with meal menus, click
to visit the Eldercare Friendship Meal
Menu Page
The nutrition project is organized under the auspices of Title III-C of the Older Americans Act of 1965, as
amended. Federal Funding flows from the Administration on Aging at the Federal Level, to the Kansas
Department on Aging (KDOA) at the State Level, to the Southwest Kansas Area Agency on Aging
(SWKAAA) to Eldercare, Inc., manager of the Friendship Meals Services.

The largest source of funds for Friendship Meals are participant contributions (50%). In addition to contributions
and Federal Funds (40%), the State of Kansas contributes a required 10% match.
Sponsored By:
Finney County Committee on Aging, Inc.

Funded By:
Finney County
Eldercare, Inc.
Older Americans Act, Title III-C
Nutrition Council Members
Maybelle Bowen- Chairperson
Jean Schwab - Vice Chairperson
Karen Dyer - Secretary
Betty Loper - Member
Bernita Maris - Member
Warren Schwab - FCCA Representative
Donations for the Eldercare Friendship meals are greatly
appreciated. Items such as ziploc bags in all sizes and sugar are
always welcome

Memorial contributions are also accepeted.