Eighteen citizens of Finney County attended a meeting in November, 1964 at the Church of the Brethren.
Walter Wolf was the presiding officer with Miss Ruth Buckwalter of Topeka, state social group worker from the
division of services for the aging.  This council was the beginning of services for senior citizens in Finney

February 3, 1965 the Finney County Council on Aging met to elect officers.  O.D. Calhoon, President; Frank
West, Vice President; J.D. Adams, Secretary and Alma Kleint, Treasurer were elected.

This group became the Finney County Senior Citizens Association in January 1966 with Walter Wolf as
Chairman.  He had the “know how” and best of all he had such persons as Cliff Hope, Sr., A.E. Cook, J.T. Lear
and others who had faith in his ability, plus the help of Ed Bolch of the local YMCA who was well versed in
organizational matters.  He found it a difficult task, but a challenge to his faith and determination.  With Miss
Ruth Buckwalter, State Advisor, the machinery was set in motion that injected new life and enthusiasm into the
newly formed club.

The November, 1966 Bazaar was the first activity sponsored
by the Association.  Mrs. Louis Lobmeyer was Public
Relations Chairman.  Mr. Wolf appointed Mrs. Wanda
Gercken as Membership Chairman, Vernia Triplett as
Chairman to secure rides to events and visit the sick.  
Georgia Matthews planned the social events, Mable Adams,
Service Programs and Edith Bennie, Educational Projects.  
The Association was feeling their way along, but floating on
“cloud nine”!  As last dreams had come true thanks to 175
members who also had become acquainted with what the
Association was trying to accomplish and pitched in and

Association was interested in Housing, telephone
reassurance, transportation, meals on wheels, entertainment
and social events for senior citizens.  The club met every
fourth Wednesday of the month at the Civic Center.

By 1969 the association had 275 members and dues were
still $ .50.  That year they sponsored a free adult driver
refresher course, tours and a request was made to the
Garden City Commissioners to appoint a housing authority.  
Clifford Hope and A.E. Cook explained that to receive
federal funds for a housing program for elderly persons of
low income this was needed.  

On January 8, 1972 Federal funds were allotted for
55-housing units for low income elderly in Garden City.  
The old Church of God, 608 Pershing, was demolished to
clear the block for the present Pershing Manor.  This project
started with the Association.

In June, 1974 the membership tops 475.  Plans were underway for the first Mini Bus.  The bus arrived in
Garden City in February 1975.  The bus was paid for by the Association with donations and gifts.  Again in
1984 the association helped to purchase another bus with $13,500.   Interest in the group continued with a
membership of over 500 in 1975.

On November 2, 1976 the citizens in Finney County voted to levy up to one mil for senior services.  The
education of the community to see a successful vote was done by the Finney County Senior Citizens
Association.  In May, 1977 the association was incorporated to “Finney County Senior Citizens Association, Inc.

September, 1978 the senior citizens moved into the new Senior Center at 907 N. 10th.  It had been a long ten
years, but the senior citizens of Finney County had a “home”.  What an achievement!!

Beginning in 1986 all Memorials given to the Senior Center are overseen by the Association and spent for the
betterment of senior citizens.  Family members are able to direct the funds to a particular activity or service.

The Finney County Senior Citizens Association, Inc. sponsors an annual fall fest, Wednesday night dances
with a live band and hold a monthly covered dish with entertainment and business meeting.  All senior citizens
in Finney County are invited to join.  Dues are $3.00 and can be paid in the Senior Center office.  The
Association is very active in the support of the Senior Center with a membership of 400 senior citizens.
2016 Officers:  
Sue Knight - Chairperson
Janice Coleman - Secretary  
Hilary Whiteley - Treasurer
Patsy Brimm - Membership
Carmen Sambrano - Quilting