The idea of a place for senior citizens to sell their
handmade items was the “brain child” of the Finney
County Committee on Aging Advisory Council on March
25, 1991.  The committee approached the Finney
County Committee on Aging and the Finney County
Senior Citizens Association in April, 1991 with the idea
and asked for funding.

Bids were asked from three local glass companies.  
Kinney Glass received the bid.  The cost for the shop
was $3,000.  The before mentioned organizations
shared the cost of the project.

An organizational meeting of the Craft Shop committee
was held in August, 1991.  The Craft Shop opened on
December 2, 1991 with thirty-two crafters displaying.  The shop was a success from the start and has given many
senior citizens a place to sell their wares all year around.  The shop is manned by volunteers who are asked to
work at least six hours each month, all income goes to the crafter whose wares have sold.

December, 2006 was the 15th year of business for the Craft Shop.  Any senior citizens in Finney County that
would like to display their wares in the shop can check in on the 2nd and 4th Friday from 10am to 1pm.  The
Merchandise Committee approves of all items that are checked in for sale.  Items need to be new, laundered
and clean.  
Craft Shop Committee Members
Betty Schaffer - Chairperson

Kathy Friesen - Vice Chairperson

Patsy Brimm - Treasurer

LaDeane Groves - Secretary
The Craft Shop is available to the public from 8am to 4pm Monday through Friday