Marty Dinkel - RSVP Director
Annette Elliott - Office Manager
(620) 275-5566
The RSVP Program was established in 1971 to be a
liaison between volunteers and their communities.
Finney County RSVP was established in 1975.
You become a member of a national organization that includes
over 480,000 volunteers. By joining RSVP, you are covered with
free supplemental accident, auto and liability insurance which
covers you at the volunteer site and traveling to and from the site.
You will receive the RSVP newsletter, which details volunteer
opportunities and activities. Members are invited to attend
recognition events. The RSVP program is free of charge to
members. Volunteers choose the positions that are of interest
to them and the amount of time they wish to serve. It is as simple
as that. Volunteer where you want and give as little or as much
time as you want.
Hours are coded under the different volunteer site stations and jobs for that station, to show community need
and where and how volunteers are meeting that need.

What is a volunteer station? Anyplace where RSVP members volunteer is called a volunteer station. It can
be any public, non-profit or health agency.
That is SIMPLE! Call or stop by our office, located in the Senior Center at 907 N. 10th in Garden City. We will
match your interests and talents to the needs of the community to find the perfect volunteer position for you!
For additional information or if you have any questions, please call Marty Dinkel or Annette Elliott at
(620) 275-5566 or send us an email at
finneycountyrsvp@sbcglobal.net. We look forward to meeting you!
Board of Directors:
Sponsored By:
Corporation for National and Community Service
Finney County Committee on Aging, Inc.
Finney County United Way
Private Donantions
Some of the volunteer jobs that RSVP members work at
include: arts & crafts, ticket sales at events, caregiver,
commodities distribution, entertainment, mailings (folding
& labeling newsletters for non-profit organizations). Meals
on Wheels delivery, income tax preparation and visitation
at hospitals, nursing homes and with homebound residents.
Members help in many organizations by serving on
boards, councils and church committees. They assist in
schools by tutoring, reading, and helping with inter -
generational projects. Volunteers do baking, sewing,
mending, quilting, knitting and crocheting for various
projects. Members serve as receptionists and hosts at
several non-profit agency and health care facilities in the
"An Invitation to Volunteer"
Every year, during the months of February, March, and April,
Certified RSVP Volunteers help with income tax preparation.
This year, we will be preparing taxes from February 2nd through
April 13th.  The service is available to senior citizens, low to
moderate income and non-english speaking persons. If you
would like more information about this service, please contact
Marty Dinkel or Annette Elliott at (620) 275-5566.
Carlene Schweer, Chairman
Ray Mann, Vice Chair
Chuck Allen, Treasuer

Ashley Kitch
Sonja Taylor
Mark Whitley
Norm Christensen
Sharon Cook
To strengthen and form partnerships in the community, providing
a pool of volunteer resources that address crucial needs.  
Enabling individuals 55 and older to remain active in their
community through meaningful volunteer services.